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Beauty In Snails: This Dermatologist Shared Her Key To Her Hidden Vault Of Beauty And Perfection

This granny skin expert is known for shifting the age direction of her patients, making them age backwards in time.

Some patients’ skins were as smooth as butter, all the while having multiple grandkids!

When most models start losing their prime at the age of 35, this granny dermatologist was still winning at 80.

“All this beauty didn’t come easy, there were times where I looked like I’ve seen the dinosaurs.”

“No one wanted to talk to me, not even my family! And nothing I poured my money into can fix it.”

“But thanks to a village I encountered, my skin is better than ever! I started gaining attentions from everyone, even getting discounts in stores. Eventually, I developed my own formula.”

“To test it out, I joined multiple beauty contests and I was surprised to win all of them!”

- Dr. Gil

So, how did Dr. Gil come to be the creator of her own special formula?

Interests In The Underdog

A journalist, Lorra, was lucky to be a part of her successful creation. Most beauty journalist were more focused on already successful dermatologists.

Lorra, on the other hand, was more interested in Dr. Gil’s hard work and sacrifice.

Turns out, Dr. Gil had spent years researching other people’s skin to create the best facial product for all; prioritizing others over herself. Thus, it started taking its toll on her looks.

Slowly but surely, Dr. Gil became the dermatologist with the worst skin imaginable.

Until one faithful day, Dr. Gil returned from a vacation and met up with Lorra for their monthly work visits. Lorra couldn’t believe her own eyes.

“At first I thought I was in the wrong house, she literally looked like a different person.”

“Her skin was so smooth, it looked like she just came out from a spa. Now, she could very well be my sister!”

- Lorra

Burning Desire For Truth

When Lorra asked how she managed to age 30 years backwards, instead of getting a direct answer, Dr. Gil had a better idea.

So, she took Lorra on a journey to Korea. To the “Neverland Village” and see it in person first-hand.

What Lorra witnessed was nothing short of extraordinary.

“It was a community filled with beauty models! Walking mannequins, people who have no scars or wrinkles. Despite being over 70-year-olds, some of them looked like teenagers!”

– Lorra

The Life Of A Mannequin

As Lorra marvelled upon the community, this was what Dr. Gil explained.

“The villagers practise a unique routine that gave them their youth where they would soak themselves in their hot springs on a daily basis, normally taking 1 to 2 hours per session for optimum results.”

“The village has been doing this for the past 200 years, they believed their hot springs were healthy for the skin. It was their way of connecting to nature and cleansing their age.”

“After some time investigating the village, I found something interesting, not even the locals knew about.”

“Although well-maintained, the secret does not lie with the hot spring but rather its local inhabitants that lived with the community, snails!”

“The place was populated by never-before-seen species of these little creatures whose slime can help return our skin back to its peak. And due to the warm and relaxing condition, these little guys produce a special slime.”

“Which slips into the water, blessing it as the fountain of youth, allowing them to remain forever young.”

- Dr. Gil

Proving Magic Exists

At first, Lorra doesn’t believe in it at all. It took days of convincing until she even let Dr. Gil to apply the slime on her face.

That was when she noticed some changes on her skin!

“Before the routine, my face was filled with wrinkles due to the years of reporting under the sun, it took a toll on my skin.”

“Given that I’m constantly in front of a camera, I had to hide the scars somehow. So, I would always need to cover up to even keep my job as a journalist.”

“But after a few days of the routine, I looked like my teenage years again. For a first time since ever, I could go on camera without any make-up.”

- Lorra

A Fantasy Elixir

Realizing they were onto something big, Dr. Gil and Lorra started looking deeper into the slime.

This was what they found about these special snails.

“Due to the unique, warm and steamy environment they grew up in, these one-of-a-kind snails are conditioned to produce not only a large amount of slime, but also one that are of the highest quality.”

“These little extracts contain tons of anti-aging and anti-bacteria properties. More specifically, it contains high amount of Collagen and antimicrobial agent.”

“These things are the key to smoother skin. Collagen would help making sure the skin is smooth and young while the antimicrobial agent would clean the skin from unwanted bacteria.”

“Even the texture of the slime itself would hydrate the skin, keeping it 100% fresh and moist.”

– Dr. Gil


Knowing that companies would inhumanely exploit these poor souls but also acknowledging the impact these snails could bring, Dr. Gil and Lorra set out to create a more humane and less crawly product.

Thus, Mervana™ was born, using a synthetic snail slime that they developed themselves.

“Normally our skin contains high amount of Collagen. It’s the protein that gives the skin its stretchy texture.”

“However, our body slowly decrease its production as we grow older, leading to saggy skin and wrinkles.”

“Using Mervana™, your skin can be lifted, banishing all wrinkles and fine lines. The product also contains a ton of protective properties. It would help rid the skin of scars and even shield the skin from UV rays.”

– Dr. Gil

To get an honest verdict, Lorra was asked to test the product.

This is how she responded.

“Before this, I would always have to apply these snail slimes 3 times a day with only a few bottles of them per month before I have to go back to the village again, just to get the wrinkles off, and even then, sometimes it’s still there.”

“I could go through the hot-spring routine, but that would take even longer. The effects were rather slow and a bit disgusting to be honest, but now, I can simply apply Mervana™ and I’m all set.”

“The cream makes my skin bouncier than ever before. The moisturizing element was quite refreshing as well, allowing me to work under the heat of the sun for hours without drying up.”

“Now my skin is more nourished, smooth and protected. It’s like a plastic surgery in a cream!”

– Lorra

The Holder Of Youth

With over 9,000 volunteers across the world, 97% of the clinical trial said to have gained various skin benefits. Most of them referring the cream as their new favourite beauty product now.

“A couple years ago, I thought I would never regain my skin ever again. But now, thanks to the power of snails, I’m able to relive my life as a beauty model.”

“With Mervana™, soon everyone will be able to age gracefully. These slimy little creatures truly have a slippery way of bypassing time.”

– Dr. Gil